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Part of my artistic practice is dedicated to the topic of TRANSMISSION: of knowledge, of expertise, of experiences. I teach, I facilitate, I share, I stimulate, I co-create, I mentor. I conceive seminars, workshops, lectures, and other formats for specific target groups and contexts, from university to amateur groups. I like to develop new formats and contents according to each situation, in relation to my artistic questions as well as to the workshop audience. Herebelow you find a portfolio of the most recent and upcoming transmission episodes. 



A four-days videodance workshop for able and disabled bodies, using smart phones and new media technology to create and produce film sketches from scratch. It entails also a CINEDANS ON TOUR videodance film screening and an artist's talk. 



In this 5 days workshop for movers and curious bodies, we engage with site-responsive body practices, by exploring with observation and contemplation and by bringing bodies into the public spaces that are characteristic for the Mediterranean region: a.o. the port, the market, the church patio, the beach and its surroundings. The bodies interact with spatial architectures, natural and cultural systems of relationships, and with their inhabitants and users, while intervening in such spaces, while the camera captures, documents and reports what the naked eye fail to see.



In this performance project with final showing we work intensely both with our physical bodies and with our energetic bodies. It is at the connections of these two spheres, materiality and energy, that we put our attention. We unravel what lies beneath the surface: of our skin, of our movement, of our cultural norms. We explore the realms of residual movement and of germinal relationships before they come into shape, category, definition. We stand before the definitions. We dig out the raw materials of the body, we decode the patterns, we challenge the beat. We’ll make use of energetic layers scanning, somatic empowerment, network imagination, and peripheral cosmologies. We open to the call of the body in times of active physical presence. We make sure that dance is shaking the pillars. 


BRANDs, TRENDS, and other dreamlands | NUREMBERG

4-days seminar on creative strategies for MBA Business Students, Brand Marketing curriculum.
The seminar is held at ICN ARTEM Business School.




IMAGINING DANCE. Bodies and Visions in the Digital Era. The conference will open with a series of presentations centring on corporality in organic, psychosomatic and cultural terms. The following sessions will address the influence of digitalisation on choreographic performance and the ways this is memorised. Speakers will include choreographers and filmmakers, who will discuss their experience with choreography and virtual environments.



CAMPO LARGO Nomads is a videodance workshop for dance and video artists and students. It travels around the world in a educational format of 3 or 4 days. It is inspired by its larger “brother” CAMPO LARGO.  The videodance workshop is designed for participants to go through a structured process of making a short film study. Choreographer and film director Matteo Marziano Graziano mentors the participants’ throughout the process from concept formation, location selection, filming with smart phones, movement concept through film shooting and post production.. The participants’ filmic outcomes are screened at the end of the workshop followed by a Q&A discussion, open to the general public and guests. 

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Somatics. Movement exploration, perception training, body tracking, relational practices, vibrational tuning, body listening, spatial awareness, authentic movement elements, Body-Mind-Centering elements, Somatics in nature, posture awareness, creative somatics.

Dance. Diverse and creative contemporary dance training, departing from somatics and moving into movement sequences and choreographic elements, adapted to dancers’ technical level and style. Brings to the room the trends and styles of the contemporary Berlin dance scene.

Improvisation. Practical movement research, movement analysis, score reenactment, structure improvisation, dancing environments, practical history of modern and post-modern improvisation, digging deeper strategies, creative improvisation, explorative pre-choreographic elements.

Choreography. Movement composition, creation strategies, choreography for the contemporary body, relation to music-time-space, fusion traditional and contemporary styles, creativity expansion, choreographic practice development, mentoring, score writing, free movement and choreography, body reading, composition modules.

Videodance. Subject writing, choreography for the camera, choreography for the screen, videodance storyboarding, screenwriting, translation of choreography to the screen, film production, video-editing, videodance and social media.