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It is empowering

for artists

to set up their own ground.


CASA * MARZIANO collaborates with national and international cultural institutions, art venues, festivals, and government agencies to co-produce performances, installations, site-specific events, video and film work relating to the body, its inner forces and its nature. 



STATUS: active

LOCATION: Torino & Piedmont, Italy

EDITIONS: 2015, 2016


  • Experimental Film Virginia
  • Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo
  • Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

CAMPO LARGO is a multi-annual incubator geared towards film production, education and film distribution of experimental screen dance and short films. Its heart is in the city of Turin.

Where does the body end?

Variation for a Bull's Heart Pump


We maximise resources

and strive towards artistic excellence

and upwards mobility

for all collaborating partners.


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