As filmmaker, I have worked within different types of sets, from gorilla style crews and indie cinema, to full cinematographic units and long feature film production. This led me to acquire a variety of skills and a high degree of flexibility. I can produce, direct, manage a film production from scratch to final screening and distribution. As I make my way towards my first feature film, I treasure the professional experience on these productions below as highlights on my extensive filmmaking training. 



Joy Denalane is a German singer-songwriter, known for her mixture of soul, R&B, and African folk music with lyrics in German and English. This music video was created for UNIVERSAL Music during a two-days shooting and with the collaboration of a professional crew unit in Berlin.

We are happy for Joy to be at 690.000+ clicks and counting.

I have led the production from scratch, managed the set, and assisted the director on set.



BRIEFGEHEIM is a long feature film, produced in the Netherlands. It is a thriller film for a young audience. It is about 11-years-old Eva, who decides to run away from home because of the fights between her parents.  But she finds a secret letter and gets caught in neighbour's garden, the head of a criminal organisation, her plans take an unexpected turn.

I have worked on this long feature film in the production team, assisting on set during the 40 days of shooting. The film won several Golden Film awards and a Cinekid award.