Why does CASA * MARZIANO exist?

CASA * MARZIANO is born with the purpose of creating the conditions for Matteo Graziano and his collaborators and fellow artists to produce their art work. While always on the look out for artistic talent, CASA * MARZIANO aims to support a high degree of artistic freedom within  sustainable economical and ecological conditions.

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How does CASA * MARZIANO function? 

CASA * MARZIANO collaborates with national and international cultural institutions, artists, festivals, and government agencies to co-produce performances, installations, site-specific events, and video works relating to the the body, its inner forces and its nature. 


But... what is CASA * MARZIANO exactly? 

CASA * MARZIANO is a Berlin born cross-discipline art production house with a practice that intersects the fields of contemporary performance, experimental music theatre, dance, and film. With a global outreach and a nomadic spirit, CASA * MARZIANO sets up and follows through interdisciplinary projects with a strong focus on the universe "body". 


Who is involved at CASA * MARZIANO ?

Performers, musicians, video makers, writers, and designers create together under the same roof and feed on each other through an open dialogue. The artists involved have developed professional experience working nationally (Germany) and internationally, both in the independent scene as well as within the establishment. Several of them have nonlinear artistic profiles and personal inter-discipline practices.


Who is the head of CASA * MARZIANO?

Matteo Graziano is the mastermind behind CASA * MARZIANO.


How can I follow CASA * MARZIANO?

The best way to follow CASA * MARZIANO activities and performances
is by joining our quarterly newsletter. You can do it here: